Scott Lively’s Quotes

Selections from Scott Lively’s presentations at a conference in Kampala, Uganda in March 2009

“Exposing the Truth behind Homosexuality and the Homosexual Agenda”

“[homophobia] This is a word that is not a scientific term. This is a rhetorical tool of psychological manipulation… Because everyone knows if you dare to say homosexuality is wrong…you are a homophobe, which means you have a mental illness. That’s what’s built into this terminology.”

“What does the gay movement mean when it says tolerance?…It means absolutely unconditionally accepting it as perfectly normal, healthy, natural and something that should be integrated into every part of society.”

“The term ‘sexual orientation’…is basically a code word for homosexuality.”

“If your definition of homosexuality is being able to do whatever you want to and that you should be able to go and engage in sex with another person and because of that the disease you have is going to spread to that person and they’re going to take it home and give it to their wife, how much tolerance should we have for that?…zero tolerance.”

“Most of the people…they say gays are born that way and it has been…proven…That is a lie. That’s what’s called a lie. It is not true. There is no definitive scientific study that has ever proved that homosexuality is innate”

“If homosexuality is not caused by genetic factors…then that means it can be acquired… And if it can be acquired, shouldn’t we be doing everything in our power to protect people from acquiring it? Shouldn’t we lean to the side of protecting the children instead of affirming a scientific hypothesis that has no actual truthful foundation?”

“If someone is identifying themselves based on their orientation toward a person of the same gender, then that seems to me to be a self-evident disorder.”

“If you catch them at 12 years old, which they are working very aggressively to do and you tell those children that if you have an attraction towards someone of the same gender, that means you’re gay and because you’re gay you need to come with us.”

“There’s a whole network of people ready to simply inculcate you and enfold you into their world and they want more and more people in their world because they are in a campaign to change everything”

“[homosexuality and pedophilia] They are equated. They are equated because the very same arguments you can make for homosexuality you can apply to pedophilia in many ways, not in every way but in many ways…clearly it’s not the way it ought to be. It’s wrong and it should be discouraged.”

“Even though probably the majority of homosexuals are not oriented towards young people, there is a significant number that are, especially the men…male homosexuality has historically been not adult to adult it has been adult to teenager”

“The gay movement is an evil institution that’s goal is to defeat the marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of sexual promiscuity in which there’s no restrictions on sexual conduct except the principle of mutual choice.”

“We divide those between the person that we love and the movement that we hate.”

“The gay movement doesn’t care about what you think…they’re focused on the young ones because if you can put the ideas into their minds it’s just a matter of time before you die off and they take your place and their value system will then allow all the rules to be changed.”

“There is a norm, there is a model of the way things are supposed to be. When you find yourself outside of that, when you find yourself not fitting the way things are designed to be, it’s a simple matter of just learning how you ought to be and working to restore the way things are supposed to be.”

“…Dealing with these sexual disorders, you ask ‘what is it supposed to look like?’ ‘what’s the norm?’ The norm is the heterosexual design of the body”

“The marriage-based society…discourages all the competing alternatives to marriage. You can’t have a marriage-based society and a social value of sexual freedom. They don’t work together”

“The real danger of the gay movement is its necessary goal of the elimination of this moral system in order to achieve this [sexual freedom]”

“…That is the gay agenda…it is the recreation of society on a different moral foundation and the problem with that is that moral foundation will lead to social chaos and destruction.”

“We’ve seen the transformation of America, when at the pinnacle of its Christianity was probably in the 1950s. Ever since then it has been declining, why? Because of the sexual revolution. Where did the sexual revolution come from? The sexual revolution came from the activists of the American gay movement.”

“There is no other group of sinners in the world that is organized for the purpose of transforming the society in its own image”

“Nobody has been able to stop them [homosexuals] so far, I’m hoping Uganda can.”

“When you then establish the law that says you can’t discriminate against people who are homosexual, what you’re really saying is you’re putting the power of law behind the idea that these are people who cannot change and therefore we must protect them from other people who disagree with them.”

“People are so intimidated by the gay movement that nobody will say why…they won’t say why they don’t want gay marriage…they don’t dare to say because homosexuality is wrong, it’s harmful for society, it’s abnormal, it’s unnatural, the people who are doing it can overcome it and should overcome it…”

“You have got to compete with them…you have to be working toward a future of your own. A picture of the future of your own that is contradictory to theirs, in which the things that they want to do have no place because you have been so successful at promoting the idea of sex within marriage…focus on transforming the society to be reinforcing of all these ideas…everywhere…When you do that then you create a climate in which these things really cannot get very far.”