CHART: The Well-Funded Anti-Labor Arsenal

Public attention has been galvanized by the attack on working people in Wisconsin
by an ultraconservative governor. Appropriate attention has been paid to funders such as the Koch brothers and right-wing institutions such as the American Legislative Exchange Council. But there is a far larger process at work.

Over the past 20 years, right-wing corporate conservatives and economic libertarians have spent more that $170 million trying to convince us that labor unions are bad for America, and that government laws and regulations should not protect a worker’s right to organize a union without harassment and termination.

And this is just part of the $1 Billion spent by right-wing funders to shift wealth upwards and stomp on the basic human rights of most of us.

($1 Billion for Ideas: Conservative Think Tanks in the 1990s)

The coalition of foundations that fund conservative and right-wing think tanks and other institutions that attack organized labor give money to an array of allied and interconnected think tanks that numerous reports and issue an endless stream of press releases. This creates the impression that there is a groundswell of support for reigning in labor unions and government “interference” in corporate affairs.

These foundations often give long-term grants that provide stability and ensure the survival of conservative and right-wing think tanks.

Until a similar progressive movement infrastructure is created and sustained, the
Democratic Party will continue to move to the right and the right-wing attacks on working people
and a living wage will increase.

The chart below illustrates the strategic way in which the Anti-Labor Arsenal is funded.

Follow the Right-Wing Money Funding the Attacks
on Working People and a Living Wage

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Click to enlarge the chart