About Alex DiBranco

Alex DiBranco is a Sociology PhD Candidate at Yale University, writing her dissertation on the U.S. New Right movement infrastructure from 1971-1997. She is a member of The Public Eye editorial board and formerly PRA's Communications Director, and is currently visiting at the UC Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies.

Mobilizing Misogyny

Click here to download the article as a PDF. This article appears in the Winter 2017 edition of The Public Eye magazine. Unquestionably, President Donald Trump’s demonstrated enthusiasm for catering to the Christian Right on abortion—and obliterating their memory of Read More

Profiles on the Right: Personhood USA

As so-called “personhood” anti-abortion bills gain traction, the personhood wing of the anti-choice movement faces heavy criticism for causing internal division and pursuing a “fundamentally flawed” legal strategy. Its uncompromising agenda to ban abortion without exception, even in the case Read More