The Public Eye, Winter 2013

winter2013thumbnailIn the latest issue of The Public Eye, we look into the growing global influence of the ACLJ, the success of the marriage equality movement, and a new anti-transphobia campaign in the nation’s capital.

Jandira Queiroz, a PRA research fellow and LGBTQ rights and reproductive rights advocate, looks into the newly formed Brazilian Center for Law and Justice (BCLJ), an offshoot of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). Following on the heels of the ACLJ’s expansion into Africa, the BCLJ has adopted its parent organization’s strategies of cultivating government influence and tapping into a growing evangelical movement. Queiroz’s article demonstrates how a nation known for its massive pride parades is also a battleground for basic LGBTQ rights–a country of contradictions.

Back in the U.S., David Dodge analyzes the success of the marriage equality movement in the 2012 elections, with an in-depth look at the messaging language and tactics used by the Right as it grapples for a new strategy. Dodge’s article summarizes his findings from the new PRA report, The Right’s Marriage Message: Talking Tolerance, Marketing Inequality.

Rounding up the issue, Miriam Zoila Pérez looks at Washington, D.C.’s new transgender awareness campaign, the first ever to be publicly funded. This groundbreaking move follows a spate of increased trans violence in the nation’s capital. Pérez article examines how this campaign came about, despite the Christian Right’s intense opposition to recognizing transgender rights.



The Public Eye, Winter 2013