Christian Right Antigay PA Gov. Candidate Launches Democratic Campaign at LGBT Center

MaxMyersOn March 18th, Max Myers officially kicked off his campaign for Pennsylvania governor at the William Way LGBT Community Center in Philadelphia. Touting himself as a moderate Democrat, Myers failed to mention his leadership in a politico-religious movement that believes in casting out “gay demons.”

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is the subject of my latest Public Eye article, “Spiritual Warriors With an Antigay Mission,” and a forthcoming report from Political Research Associates (PRA). Hidden in plain sight, this antigay, antichoice, theocratic movement has gained influence nationwide over the past decade, with many of its modern-day apostles and prophets making headlines–but identified only as “evangelicals.”

The popular documentary Jesus Camp, for instance, neglected to mention the role of two of its stars, Becky Fischer and Lou Engle, in the apostolic movement. (The new documentary God Loves Uganda, on U.S. conservative evangelical influence abroad, again features Engle without identifying his leadership in NAR.) Such information on the roles of the movement’s modern-day apostles and prophets and their pyramidal networks is readily available, yet the media has failed to grasp the significance and extent of these connections.

Exceptions to this anonymity included limited coverage of movement leadership in Texas Governor Rick Perry’s 2011 Houston prayer rally, held one week prior to his presidential campaign announcement, and the gubernatorial candidacy of a NAR follower in Hawaii, which became an issue in local press and among LGBTQ rights advocates. Most of the candidates directly involved with the apostolic networks have been Republicans, a list that has included Sam Brownback, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Katherine Harris, and others. Read More