Ugandan Pastors Launch Antigay Campaign at David Kato’s Grave

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On Easter Sunday, Ugandan Pastors Solomon Male and Thomas Musoke launched their “Say No to Homosexuality” campaign outside the gravesite of slain gay rights activist David Kato–purposely selecting the spot to prevent it from becoming “a pilgrimage site for homosexuality.”

According to The Advocate, the pastors were joined by two men who claimed to be ex-gay, including Paul Kagada, who blames Kato for recruiting him into homosexuality through bribes and forced sodomy. Kagada is an associate of the well-known antigay pastor Martin Ssempa, previously the Africa coordinator for the U.S.-based antigay organization Family Watch International, a major proponent of the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality “Kill the Gays” Bill currently under consideration by Parliament.

God Loves Uganda, the documentary on U.S. evangelicals promoting homophobia in Africa, which features Political Research Associates’ researcher Rev. Kapya Kaoma, released a short video of Pastor Male lying about the health dangers from homosexuality.

God Loves Uganda prominently features Lou Engle, leader of TheCall and a member of the evangelical movement the New Apostolic Reformation. In 2010, TheCall hosted a rally in Uganda where Engle spoke, though he claimed to have been unaware of the controversy over the Anti-Homosexuality Bill when he accepted the invitation. Rev. Musoke was one of the masters of ceremony at that event.

Alex DiBranco is a Sociology PhD Candidate at Yale University, writing her dissertation on the U.S. New Right movement infrastructure from 1971-1997. She is a member of The Public Eye editorial board and formerly PRA's Communications Director, and is currently visiting at the UC Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies.