PRA Interview: Right-Wing Anti-Government Violence, a Growing Threat to Democracy

PRA fellow Rachel Tabachnik joined Between These Lines host Scott Harris to discuss the rising tide of violence and violent rhetoric among the Religious Right. From the Las Vegas shootings to Bundy, the anti-government rhetoric is reaching a dangerous peak.

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From the interview:

One of the groups involved is the Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association. One of the things we see happening is where there were very few law enforcement officials involved in the 1990s militia groups, today we are seeing this expand to rather substantial groups of sheriffs getting involved in this anti-government rhetoric and organizing.

It needs to be taken very seriously by the public. And when there are examples of extreme violence (like this killing by this couple), it should not be dismissed as just ‘crazy,’ or ‘insanity.’ We need to be taking seriously this rise in anti-government sentiment.

It is becoming more a part of everyday life in America, as these increasingly-considered “mainstream” conservative groups and politicians who actively spread these conspiracy theories about the government coming to get you and deporting you to FEMA camps are accepted as legitimate.

It is increasingly critical that Americans push back against this violent conservative rhetoric and actions.