The Passing of our Dear Friend Jean Hardisty

Jean V. Hardisty, 1945 – 2015

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that PRA’s founder and President Emerita, Jean V. Hardisty, passed away early Monday morning. A cancer survivor, Jean was contending with a recurrence of lymphoma that proved surprisingly aggressive. She was home and surrounded by family at the time of her death.

Jean was a force in the lives of all who knew her. A visionary, she anticipated many of the political and economic shifts the country has endured over the past several decades. Undaunted by the implications of her insights, she dedicated herself tirelessly–and with uncommon skill, humor, and compassion–to the cause of social justice. She was a friend, mentor, colleague, and inspiration to us, and to countless people and organizations.

In an interview given a few years ago on the occasion of Political Research Associates’ 30th anniversary, Jean said:

I am grateful to live in “challenging times” and glad that I did not spend my life on the sidelines as the country has been ravaged by right-wing ideology, the Right’s devious tactics, and the mobilization of religion for political purposes.

We are deeply saddened by Jean’s passing. PRA will be honoring her life and work in the coming weeks and months.