#First100Days Crash Course: Week 14

Coinciding with Trump’s first 100 days in Office — a period of time historically used as a benchmark to measure the potential of a new president — PRA will share readings, videos, and tools for organizing to inform our collective resistance based on principles for engaging the regime, defending human rights, and preventing authoritarianism. Daily readings will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts and archived HERE.

Week 14: Exportation of U.S. Culture Wars

From politicians to preachers, the work of the U.S. Right has far-reaching consequences. These readings will examine the role of the U.S. Christian Right in the exportation of American culture wars. We begin with Rev. Dr. Kapya Kaoma’s groundbreaking 2009 report, which documents how U.S. conservative evangelicals are promoting an agenda in Africa that aims to criminalize LGBTQI people.

Featured resources:


PRA’s Rev. Dr. Kapya Kaoma’s critical analysis of the U.S. Christian Right’s influence in Africa plays a central role in the award-winning documentary, “God Loves Uganda.”



American Culture Warriors in Africa: A Guide to the Exporters of Homophobia and Sexism is a popular-format guidebook designed to educate U.S. audiences and motivate all people of conscience to take action that interrupts the persecution of women and sexual minorities overseas.