Profile on the Right: MassResistance

MassResistance, founded in 1995, is a Massachusetts-based anti-LGBTI group with an expanding global presence. The group supports activists around the world in combatting LGBTI equality “without compromise.” For MassResistance, this means stooping to the lowest levels of bigotry, equating homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia, and proclaiming that LGBTI people are a threat to children.

At an anti-LGBTI event cosponsored MassResistance in 2015, Camenker proclaimed that in the Bible, “There’s a whole different set of rules for people who want to tear down society, who want to push immorality, who want to tear down the moral structure of society.” That set of rules is “very brutal,” he said. “God says those people who want to do that must be destroyed.”

MassResistance is especially engaged in legislative advocacy, and claims to have influenced anti-LGBTI efforts in Australia, Singapore, and Finland. In July 2017, MassResistance launched a new chapter in Hong Kong, the newest addition to their “worldwide battle” against LGBTI equality.

MassResistance has launched several additional state chapters, including in California, Texas, and Virginia, and claims to be working with activists around the world. In Africa, MassResistance is advancing its agenda in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Uganda. Nigeria, where homosexuality is punishable by up to 14 years in jail and LGBTI groups are banned, is home to the organization’s first chapter outside the United States, launched in 2016.

In 2017, Dominic Idio, head of Nigeria’s MassResistance chapter, published a book entitled, Dimensions of Gay Struggle – Advocacy Project Against Homosexual Agenda after consulting with MassResistance for “advice and counsel on steps he could take to help stop the radical [LGBTI] movement.”