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Sheriffs are elected at the county level, and in most cases operate without any direct oversight. This presents an opportunity for White nationalists and other right-wing movements to build power and influence.

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Christian Right
title card for netflix the family docuseries
The five part, original Netflix documentary “The Family,” is about a secretive, international religious network that has profoundly influenced governments in the U.S. and around the world for many decades.
Protesters hold various signs and banners at a DACA rally in San Francisco.
The influence of organized anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim movements is readily apparent in policy changes over the last two years.
Protest in support of DACA, September 1, 2017. Photo: Joe Flood / Flickr.
It should come as no surprise that President Trump disparages scores of countries while lamenting the lack of European immigrants coming to the U.S., as he reportedly did during a meeting with lawmakers in January 2018.


White Nationalism
Blue Mountain Center convening participants
In November 2018, Loretta Ross and PRA convened a diverse group of activists, researchers, and scholars at the Blue Mountain Center, in upstate New York, for a wide-ranging conversation about gender and White supremacy.
Ronald Reagan gives his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, July 1980.
Trump’s election was less an aberration than a reflection of changes in the New Right coalition, which brought business elites, evangelicals, and neoconservatives together under the Republican umbrella in the late 1970s.


Right-Wing Populism
Tea Party rally in Plano, TX, April 15, 2009
A new book by Yale University American studies professor Daniel HoSang and University of Oregon political science professor Joseph Lowndes, Producers, Parasites, Patriots: Race and the New Right-Wing Politics of Precarity, offers a framework for interpret
The U.S.-Mexico border
Although these state and federal officials tried to distance themselves from militia organizing, New Mexico’s constitutional sheriffs cumulatively have taken actions that signal that militias are welcome in the state.