About Tarso Luís Ramos

Tarso Luís Ramos is Executive Director of Political Research Associates (PRA), a nonprofit organization that monitors right-wing groups and advances inclusive, multiracial democracy in partnership with social justice movements. He has been researching and challenging the U.S. Right Wing for more than 25 years. At PRA, Ramos has launched major initiatives on antisemitism, misogyny, authoritarianism, White nationalism, and other threats to democracy. Ramos is a sought-after public speaker and his work has been featured in The Guardian, The New York Times, and Time Magazine, among other outlets. Before joining PRA in 2006, Ramos served as founding director of Western States Center’s racial justice program, and exposed and challenged corporate anti-environmental campaigns as director of the Wise Use Public Exposure Project. Ramos recently served as an activist in residence at the Barnard Center for the Study of Women and a Rockwood Leadership Institute National Yearlong Fellow for 2017-2018.

Statement from PRA on the 2016 Election

Para leer en Español, haga clic: https://www.politicalresearch.org/2016/11/09/declaracion-de-pra-sobre-la-eleccion-de-2016/ 9 November 2016 Dear Friends and Colleagues, This is a difficult moment for justice-minded people and anyone who believes in democracy. A man who ran an insurgent campaign as a racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, Read More