A White background with InStyle on the header. The headline is followed by an image of the Capitol building with viking horns coming out of either side of the dome.

“In 2018, the social justice think tank Political Research Associates wrote that ‘today, [racist sects of neopaganism] are even more prevalent, as White supremacists exploit political instability driven by anti-immigrant and anti-refugee sentiment in Europe, and the racist backlash surging under Donald Trump in the United States.’ The leap from Odinism and other neopagan offshoots to a man wearing a horned helmet while storming the Capitol building, may seem like a broad one. Though, upon closer inspection into the aesthetics of the far right — from the scruffy beards and skunk-like shaved ponytails — it’s not difficult to see the influence of say, a show like History Channel’s Vikings. What may have seemed like pure coincidence in January of 2020, begins to seem less and less coincidental now.”

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