Profiles on the Right: Alison Barfoot and Henry Luke Orombi

Alison Barfoot

Alison Barfoot

Alison Barfoot is another key American actor steering the global Anglican Communion toward an oppositional stance on homosexuality. Like Minns, she has collaborated closely with African religious leaders and has been a critical link between hardline conservative Episcopalians in the United States and Anglican communities in Africa.

Barfoot served as co-rector of Christ Church in Overland Pass, Kansas, which claimed irreconcilable differences with the Episcopal Church in matters of theology and scriptural interpretation following the election of Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire. Christ Church subsequently placed itself under the leadership of Henry Luke Orombi, who served as Archbishop of the Church of Uganda and Bishop of Kampala from January 2004 until his early retirement in December 2012.

In those roles, Orombi oversaw the rapid expansion of communicants in the Church of Uganda and took a leading role in helping U.S. congregations break away from the Episcopal Church. In his first year as Archbishop, he led the Church of Uganda in receiving three conservative, southern-California parishes that separated from the Episcopal Church.

Barfoot was made a canon of the Nebbi Diocese in Uganda in February 2003. In November of that year, Orombi called on her to serve as his assistant for international relations. In 2004, she began work in Kampala, where she managed financial contributions from conservative churches in the United States and brokered partnerships with other breakaway Episcopal congregations.

Barfoot continues to be one of the most powerful individuals in the Church of Uganda, serving as a key fundraiser. She is also the founder and director of mission at Global Mobilization Ministries, which is headquartered in California but focuses empowering Africans to “Evangelize and Holistically Disciple Unreached People Groups.”

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