Resisting the Rainbow

Right-Wing Responses to LGBT Gains

Tea Party members and Christian evangelicals at a campaign event for Rick Santorum, February 2012. Photo by Bill Pugliano, Reuters

The hard truth: homophobia remains one of the right-wing’s most successful tools for mobilizing political support. Even as LGBT advocates celebrate recent victories—four ballot measure victories in 2012, President Obama’s public support for marriage equality, the passage of federal hate crimes legislation, and the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell—their opponents have been building power through reactionary fear and hatred.

“Whenever a seemingly progressive victory occurs, we need to keep an eye out on the opposition,” stated Pam Chamberlain, compiler of Resisting the Rainbow. The report will help LGBT Rights advocates navigate the evolving challenges by filling in knowledge gaps about the U.S. Right. From the Tea Party to the Mormon Church, our report details new players, key threats, and principal strategies related to LGBT issues.

We further identify opportunities for new alliances in the fight for equality, proven organizing practices, and promising strategies that might inform future efforts of the LGBT progressive movement. A series of case studies, many written by advocates directly involved, provides in-depth examples and key takeaways.



Resisting the Rainbow (7158 downloads)