UNdoing Reproductive Freedom

Christian Right NGOs Target the United Nations

Even as the Right fosters paranoid conspiracy theories about the United Nations implementing a “One World Government,” anti-choice agitators have found a way to use the UN to combat reproductive freedom around the globe. The report reveals how the Right has constricted women’s access to safe abortion, contraception, and sex education through the UN. The Christian Right has used NGOs in a Trojan Horse strategy of infiltrating the UN under the guise of reforming the institution.

In her investigation, Pam Chamberlain profiles how Christian Right groups have attained “consultative” status in UN deliberation, which they wield to oppose women’s right to control their reproductive lives. They have succeeded in publicizing their frame that the right to life is a basic human right and that advocates for abortion access and reproductive health are calling for illegitimate, special rights.

Chamberlain’s report is vital reading for anyone who wants to understand how U.S. social conservatives are going global in their assault on choice–from education and contraception to abortion rights.


UNdoing Reproductive Freedom (2633 downloads)