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    About The Raises: Walmart’s PR Stunt to Alter Anti-Worker Image

    Last week, Walmart announced a slight raise for about 500,000 employees up to $10 per hour. While the raise is the result of a hard-fought campaign by worker organizing groups like OUR Walmart, it can be reasonably categorized as little more than smoke and mirrors--a PR stunt to burnish the company's widespread anti-worker campaign without actually making any significant changes.

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    Roy Moore, Chief Justice of the AL Supreme Court is trying to block same sex marriage in the state, despite a federal judge's ruling that AL's anti-marriage equality law is unconstitutional. Moore's efforts nullification efforts are similar to efforts being made by fellow conservative elected officials like Michael Peroutka and former Rep. Ron Paul.

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    “Know Your Neighbors” Hits the Road

    At the Creating Change conference in Denver, PRA and Souldforce launched "Know Your Neighbors" with a bus tour of conservative culture warrior organizations in Colorado Springs. The goal is to mobilize activists around the country, assisting them with identifying & countering right-wing players who may have more moderate rhetoric in the U.S., but are working abroad to attack LGBTQ people and women's reproductive health.

  • Peter Liethart

    U.S. Theologian Wants Martyrs Against America

    Peter Leithart and other leaders of the Christian Right are increasingly promoting a vision of theocratic political resistance that includes violence and civil war.

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