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    CHART: The Well-Funded Anti-Labor Arsenal

    Appropriate attention has been paid to funders such as the Koch brothers and right-wing institutions such as the American Legislative Exchange Council. But there is a far larger process at work.

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    At the Carroll County Board: To Pray, Or Not To Pray?

    PRA Fellow Fred Clarkson delves into why two former-Constitution Party leaders and Neo-Confederates have switched Party affiliation to run for local office in Maryland. A larger trend at work?

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    KC Shooting & Ongoing Trend of Former-Military Neo-Nazi Murders

    PRA Fellow Spencer Sunshine discusses the underground cult of violence among White seperatists, and the disturbing trend of murders among former military Neo-Nazis

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    Saddleback’s New Approach on Mental Health Fails LGBTQ People

    Rick Warren's Saddleback Church recently hosted a conference on mental health issues. But while some of the information distributed might be positive, it still features encouragement for so-called "reparative therapy" for LGBTQ people.

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