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    REPORT: The Christian Right’s Religious Freedom Strategy

    This groundbreaking new report by senior fellow Frederick Clarkson exposes the Christian Right's legal, political, and social strategies to warp the progressive value of religious freedom and create Theocratic zones of exemptions to civil rights laws.

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    Profiles on the Right: Three Percenters

    One of the most important--but lesser known--groups behind the #OregonStandoff is an organization known as the "Three Percenters." A bold player in the Patriot/Militia movement, the man who shot the Black Lives Matter protesters in Minnesota was affiliated.

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    Franklin Graham: Falwell Prodigy, Putin-Lover, Trump Fan

    The Russian Orthodox Church is aligning itself with Putin, Putin is aligning himself with Franklin Graham. Graham is aligning himself with the Putin and now Trump. This can only spell trouble for Muslims, the LGBTQ community, women, reproductive justice, true religious freedom, and for human rights more broadly.

  • Arthur Brooks speaking at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland.
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    5 Ways PRA Exposed the Corporate Right in 2015

    PRA's outgoing Economic Justice researcher, Mariya Strauss, recaps some of the highlights of our research into the Corporate Right in the last year, including identifying Walmart's "pay raises" as little more than a PR stunt, investigating the NRA's lobbying against paid sick days, and the first national exposure of the HR association that's lobbying against workers in many states.

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