• Proceso de fortalecimiento del Sistema Interamericano de Derechos Humanos, Estados Miembros de la OEA

    ADF Takes Aim at Latin America

    Ipas senior policy advisor Gillian Kane exposes the U.S.-based group working in Latin American countries to roll-back LGBTQ rights and Reproductive Justice.

  • Fred PE Summer 2015 image 1

    Christianity in the Religious Freedom Debate

    Following the Supreme Court's marriage ruling, Christian Right leaders are stepping up their strategy to co-opt Religious Freedom to carve out exemptions to civil rights laws--not only for religions, but for individuals and for-profit businesses, too.

  • confederate flag removed SLIDE

    Neo-Confederates vs. Neoliberalism: Confederate Flag Fight

    What's causing the Confederate flag to come down off state capitols & retail shelves? Conservatives and big businesses aren't having a change of heart, they're reacting to pressure from free-market neoliberalism as a new schism develops between the two right-wing factions.

  • Michigan Militia SLIDE

    Terror Network or Lone Wolf?

    In her exposé for The Public Eye magazine, Professor Naomi Braine reveals that our law enforcement and judicial systems generally treat right-wing terrorist attacks by White perpetrators as isolated acts by lone wolves, while Muslims deemed to be threats are assumed to have a nexus to global jihadi groups.

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