• Terri Lynn Weaver

    Using the “War on Drugs” to Arrest Pregnant Women

    A new Tennessee law is pushing pregnant women into hiding--not wanting to visit their doctors for fear they'll be arrested and have their faces plastered on the evening news.

  • calshrm brian jones SLIDE

    Lawmaker Reveals ALEC-style Group Pushing Anti-Worker Bills

    PRA interviewed one conservative California lawmaker who said that a new lobbyist group has begun using ALEC’s playbook to court lawmakers and push anti-worker policies.

  • death penalty

    Anti-Death Penalty Activism Reinforces Racist Status Quo

    While abolishing the death penalty would clearly be a positive step forward, it is a limited and inadequate objective. If conservatives continue their anti-death penalty advocacy without examining the structural inequalities within the justice system, the abolition of the death penalty will be a hollow victory.

  • regnerus wilcox SLIDE

    World Congress of Families to Feature Anti-LGBTQ Family Scholars

    One of the leading exporters of U.S.-style culture wars, the World Congress of Families, is hosting an international gathering of right-wing scholars and activists in Utah later this year. It will be WCF's first major conference on U.S. soil, and among the speakers are two individuals who have made it their business to provide academic sanction to some of the Right's destructively erroneous claims about LGBTQ families.

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