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    Gunning For Office: Oregon’s Patriot Movement & the May ’16 Primary

    The Malheur occupation may have ended, but the Patriot Movement in Oregon hasn't gone away. Paramilitary and militia-affiliated activists are now running for office in multiple Oregon counties.

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    The Christian Right’s Favorite New Target

    The anti-trans attack in NC isn’t restricted to the Bible Belt or even GOP-dominated cities and states. Trans people are being systematically targeted across the country as part of a nationally-coordinated effort led by a coalition of Christian Right power houses.

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    the Global Culture Wars in Historical Context

    Russian social conservatism and the U.S.-based World Congress of Families (WCF). Author Christopher Stroop analyzes how Russia has not just been a recipient of U.S. right-wing ideology--but an ideological exporter itself.

  • Ted Cruz

    Dominionism is the new Religious Freedom

    For decades, the political establishments on both sides have sneered as PRA's researchers and others have warned about Dominionism. Now, with the rise of Ted Cruz's presidential campaign, it seems they may finally be listening.

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