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    Philanthropic Giant Templeton is Legitimizing Faith Healing

    Frequently overlooked is the pressing danger posed by right-wing influences on healthcare and social science research. While the influence of fundamentalism is diminishing, the Charismatic and Pentecostal movements continue to gain power among the Christian Right... When it comes to scientific debates, these movements are not focused primarily on evolution or cosmology, but on faith healing.

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    World Congress of Families to Feature Anti-LGBTQ Family Scholars

    One of the leading exporters of U.S.-style culture wars, the World Congress of Families, is hosting an international gathering of right-wing scholars and activists in Utah later this year. It will be WCF's first major conference on U.S. soil, and among the speakers are two individuals who have made it their business to provide academic sanction to some of the Right's destructively erroneous claims about LGBTQ families.

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    Anti-Abortion Propaganda Accepted as Investigative Journalism

    One of the most remarkable aspects of the current controversy surrounding the release of highly-edited anti-Planned Parenthood videos is that few journalists and public officials are seriously scrutinizing this crude propaganda, and are largely allowing an obscure, militant anti-abortion group to cast themselves as investigative journalists rather than highlighting their agenda and dishonest tactics.

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    Catholic Dems & The Group Behind Anti-Planned Parenthood Videos

    PRA's senior fellow investigates the group behind the heavily-edited and misleading videos attacking Planned Parenthood, then goes after the so-called "progressive" Democrats who jumped on the bandwagon to call for the denouncement and/or defunding of Planned Parenthood.

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