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    Conservative Sex-Ed Agenda & Homophobic School Environments

    While issues like Marriage Equality and workplace discrimination receive a lot of media attention, right-wing groups are also actively targeting public school classrooms under the guise of “religious liberty,” advancing a deeply discriminatory and homophobic agenda.

  • children i could be illegal

    Bombs & Wombs: Nativist Myths of Weaponized Fertility

    In the second article in her series on the U.S. Right's global demographics trend, Aviva Galpert examines the U.S. Right’s coercive attempts to limit the fertility of people of color through eugenics, with a focus on the anti-immigration Right.

  • United Nations

    Religious Right’s “Family Values” Agenda Advances Internationally

    Religious Right leaders like Family Watch International's Sharon Slater and World Congress of Families are steadily advancing their neocolonial, white supremacist, and patriarchal "family values" agenda on the international stage--including in the U.N.

  • Richard Mellon Scaife

    “Libertarian Scaife” and His Religious Right Legacy

    Recently passed billionaire Richard Scaife's obituary describes him as the "epitome" of a libertarian. But if you examine his legacy, he was also one of the primary funders of the initiatives to bring the Religious Right into the political sphere.

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