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    Suspended Ferguson Cop Claims Military Takeover Conspiracy

    PRA's Rachel Tabachnick discovers audio of suspended St. Louis County officer Dan Page. Among his claims: a planned military takeover of the U.S. to establish a worldwide government; 99.9% of sexual assaults in the military are "bogus;" and White female school teachers are teaching young Black men to be violent against White men.

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    Overt Calls For Violence From The League of the South

    Republican Party candidates Michael Peroutka and Joe Delimitar have kept their strong ties to the League of the South, which called for the formation of death squads to take out American government officials and journalists and for white men of all ages to become “citizen soldiers” in a great modern defense of archaic notions of Christendom.

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    When we talk about the privatization of public education, we often think of K-12 education. But distinct problems in public higher ed point to a common, underlying ideology that is consistent with that of the K-12 education reform movement: a rationale of neoliberal corporatization and privatization.

  • Museveni Plays Politics With Human Rights

    Uganda’s Constitutional Court recently struck down the country’s Anti-Homosexuality Act (AHA) on procedural grounds. But even as we celebrate, is a justice based on technicalities truly trustworthy?

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