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Police officer walking in empty street
On February 19, a 43-year-old man shot and killed nine people, including himself, in Hanau, Germany, a small city some 15 miles east of Frankfurt. The shooter left behind written and video testimony revealing connections to shared modes of thought.

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Gender and Reproductive Justice
"Stop Gender Ideology" sign on bus stop in Polish
The fight against so-called “gender ideology,” a catch-all term used by various factions of the global right to disparage any disruption of a narrow understanding of the traditional family, has well and truly arrived here in the United States.
A hand gripping a handgun in front of an American flag backdrop
On February 10, 2020 seven Republican representatives in Mississippi introduced a first-of-its-kind bill that raises the possibility of a so-called Second Amendment Sanctuary region stretching from Oklahoma to West Virginia.
Ornate interior of the Senate Chambers for the state of Michigan lawmakers at the capitol building in downtown Lansing.
In addition to creating their own favorable political conditions, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce also opened a back door allowing anti-choice organizations to enact abortion bans with little to no public oversight at all.
New York, USA. 5th January, 2020. About 15,000 protesters took to the streets in the No Hate No Fear March in response to increased antisemitic attacks
By examining these developments, we can gain insight into the endurance of antisemitism as a political ideology that harnesses popular grievances for reactionary ends.
Sign left behind from an anti-abortion rally depicts dia de los muertes styled skeleton for abortion "survivors" network
The March for Life Education and Defense Fund announced in December that it would make pushing for the passage of “born-alive” legislation its priority.
President Donald J. Trump gives a thumbs-up as he is presented with a plaque of recognition by “The Nation’s Sheriffs,” Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019, at the South Portico of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)
Targeting local sheriffs and other law enforcement is an effort by FAIR to complement this direct access to the administration and develop support for its agenda outside the Beltway.
Small group poses for camera with US and Gadsden flags. In front, a child in pink jacket stands beside man wearing a brown camo jacket with sign pinned on it. Sign reads: "GUN FREE ZONES ARE KILLING OUR KIDS"
This wave of Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions and ordinances reflect the contemporary growth of CSPOA’s ideology.


Christian Right
Randy Forbes and Lea Carawan on Truth & Liberty Livecast
The recorded October 24 Project Blitz strategy call reveals a campaign that is at once growing in organizational infrastructure and capacity, and escalating its rhetoric against opponents of its theocratic agenda.
As White nationalism continues to recast the mainstream Right in its image, the many communities under threat must develop strategies and practices of solidarity, united by an expansive vision of a world where all communities can thrive.
Protesters hold various signs and banners at a DACA rally in San Francisco.
The influence of organized anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim movements is readily apparent in policy changes over the last two years.
Protest in support of DACA, September 1, 2017. Photo: Joe Flood / Flickr.
It should come as no surprise that President Trump disparages scores of countries while lamenting the lack of European immigrants coming to the U.S., as he reportedly did during a meeting with lawmakers in January 2018.
Riders on horseback overlook Oceti Sakowin Camp occupied by Standing Rock protesters.
Calls to treat environmental defenders like terrorists enable more surveillance and violence, putting activists at risk while protecting those profiting from ecological destruction.