#First100Days Crash Course: Week 13

Coinciding with Trump’s first 100 days in Office — a period of time historically used as a benchmark to measure the potential of a new president — PRA will share readings, videos, and tools for organizing to inform our collective resistance based on principles for engaging the regime, defending human rights, and preventing authoritarianism. Daily readings will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts and archived HERE.

Week 13: Political Repression, Surveillance, and PRISONS

The steady expansion of both the power and use of law enforcement in multiple areas of life reflects (and institutionalizes) right-wing worldviews regardless of the political party or identity claims of the speaker. These readings explore the intersections between the War on Drugs and the War on Terror, Neoliberalism and prison reform, and race and surveillance.

Featured resources:


A security culture is a set of customs and measures shared by a community to minimize the risks of members getting arrested or surveilled. Read Ruckus Society’s guide HERE.