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Author Q&A with Seyward Darby
A White woman with blond hair, wearing a hat. She has a Trump 2020 sweatshirt on, and is holding an Amerian Flag and a water bottle. Her mouth is open like she's shouting something.
An interview with Seyward Darby about her new book, Sisters in Hate, and the role that women play in the White nationalist movement.

Secondary features


Far Right
Watch Now: A PRA Roundtable Discussion
On 4.8.2021, PRA convened a panel of organizers and experts to reflect on the biggest hurdles ahead as we race to reduce greenhouse gas emissions before the end of the decade.


Far Right
Mapping a QAnon Lockdown Network
A big black flag that has a Q on the middle with a red and black stripes an the words Where We Go One We Go All around it.
The potency of QAnon, relative to other conspiracy theories, lies in its crowd-sourced character, lightning fast diffusion, and mainstreaming in the Republican party.


Racial and Immigrant Justice
Author Q&A with Talia Lavin
A group of right wing protesters outside the Capitol building in Washington DC. They are climbing the Stairs of the building.
A Q&A with author of Culture Warlords, Talia Lavin, who takes readers with her into the corners of online ecosystems inhabited by antisemites, movement misogynists, White nationalists and more.
Armed militia members march next to a WWG1WGA flag, a common identifier of QAnon believers, at the United We Stand & Patriots March for America, St. Paul, Minnesota, September 12, 2020 (Credit: Fibonacci Blue/Flickr).
Recent developments in activity and rhetoric raise the possibility that some anti-government factions could morph into pro-Trump paramilitaries; a phenomenon we may see during this interregnum period.
Spring/Summer 2021 Webinar Series
In the wake of four years of far-right populist governance culminating in a violent insurrection, PRA is holding steady in the knowledge that it's not over yet. Join PRA for a five-part webinar series as we evaluate the state of the Right.